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Bali is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, luxury resorts, and unique culture. However, besides its stunning views, Bali also offers a one-of-a-kind birding experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. One such place is the Bali Bird Park, which is a must-visit destination for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.

The Location

The Bali Bird Park is located in Gianyar, Bali, and covers an area of two hectares. The park is home to over a thousand birds from 250 species, with most of these birds being native to the Indonesian archipelago.

The Attractions

Visiting Bali Bird Park provides an opportunity to witness the diversity of Indonesia’s birdlife. The park offers various attractions and activities that are sure to entertain visitors of all ages and interests, such as the following:

Bird Shows

The Bali Bird Park has daily bird shows, where visitors can witness trained birds perform various routines and tricks. These shows are not only entertaining but also educational as they provide knowledge about different bird species and their characteristics.

Bird Walks

The park also offers bird walks, which allow visitors to explore the park’s natural environment while observing birds in their natural habitat. The guided bird walks are led by trained guides who provide information about different bird species, their habitat, and behavior.

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Bird Feeding

Visitors to the park can also feed some of the birds. This activity provides an up-close and personal experience with some of the park’s feathered residents, including the Bali starling, which is Indonesia’s national bird.

Bird Breeding Program

The park is actively involved in conservation efforts and has a breeding program that aims to increase the population of endangered bird species. Visitors can witness the breeding program in action and learn about the park’s conservation efforts.


The Bali Bird Park provides various facilities to ensure visitors’ comfort and convenience during their visit, such as:

Restaurants and Cafes

The park has several restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of cuisines and beverages, ensuring visitors can refuel during their visit.

Souvenir Shops

The souvenir shops offer various bird-themed merchandise, including jewelry, clothing, and other souvenirs. These items make great gifts for bird lovers, children, and anyone who loves nature.

Free Shuttle Service

The Bali Bird Park provides a free shuttle service to and from various locations in Bali, making it easy for visitors to get to the park.

Tips for Visiting

Here are some tips to ensure you have the best experience during your visit to the Bali Bird Park:

Arrive Early

Arriving early ensures that you have ample time to explore the park and participate in various activities.

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Wear Comfortable Shoes

The park covers a large area, so wearing comfortable shoes is recommended to ensure that you can walk around the park comfortably.

Bring a Camera

The Bali Bird Park offers a lot of photo opportunities, so bringing a camera is highly recommended to capture your experience.

Respect the Birds

Visitors are reminded to respect the birds by not touching them, feeding them items not provided by the park, or disturbing them in any way.


The Bali Bird Park is a unique destination that offers an excellent birding experience. The park’s attractions, facilities, and commitment to conservation make it a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Bali. So, if you’re a bird lover or nature enthusiast, make sure to add the Bali Bird Park to your itinerary and experience the wonder of Indonesian birdlife.

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